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We are delighted to announce the forthcoming Nottingham 2017 PICS conference. Please take a look at our programme and join us at what we believe will be an incredible week of learning, networking, and inspiration.

These are the top ten reasons for attending Nottingham PICS 2017:

  • We have attracted a variety of world leading international speakers, from the USA, Canada, Singapore, Spain, Holland, and the Czech Republic, as well as the best speakers from around the UK.
  • We have ensured that our speakers are talking on brand new topics. They will not be “recycling” their stock talks.
  • We believe that all members of the team working in a PICU wants to know about everything. We do not have a “nurses’ stream” and a “doctors’ stream”. We think that would be patronising. Each session will approach the topic in a broad manner, for all staff. Your CPD needs will be met.
  • Our parallel sessions mean that you will be faced with agonising choices about which talks to go to. We are putting on an astounding 108 talks over three days. Parallel sessions will be four pairs from Respiratory, Major Trauma, Oncology, Sepsis, the Long and Medium term ventilated patient, Cardiology, Renal, and the Brain.
  • All parallel talks will be precisely synchronised. Fancy the first two Cardiac talks then the next three Respiratory? No problem. Just move rooms.
  • We have exclusive use of the conference venue/hotel. Whether you are learning, being inspired, or socialising, it will be 100% PICS. Our venue is bright and spacious, and very easily accessible. Nottingham is around two hours drivefor around 40 million people in the UK.
  • Day 1 of the conference gives even more choice. An all day symposium on rehabilitationpost PICU, featuring the leading experts from the UK, Europe, and the USA? Or an update session followed by an “Ultrasound for Intensivists” course with theory, application, and practicals? Take your pick.
  • Staying in the hotel? If you like, have breakfast at one of our labelled tables, and spend time talking and debating with a world expertin whatever you are interested in.
  • All this isn’t enough? Join our European Non Invasive Ventilationcourse on the two days prior to the conference, learning from world experts how to optimise this important therapy.
  • Think your unit is brilliant? Join in with the Robin Hood PICS Team Trophy: competitive team sports with a trophy for the best team.
  • Our Conference Night Out will be affordable and for all attendees.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our conference which we are very excited about. Nottingham Paediatric Critical Care unit has increased in size dramatically over the past few years. We are now the busiest non cardiac PICU in the UK, with our 14 beds. We look after specialist renal, neurosurgery, major trauma, spinal, and oncology patients. We are a training centre and have an extensive research portfolio. We are proud of our excellent outcomes and especially our team ethos.

Nottingham is famous for its history, arts, and sport. From our roots in Robin Hood to our Castle, and even the oldest pub in England, there is lots to see and do. Nottingham has the largest free modern art gallery in the UK outside of London, a concert arena, concert hall, theatres, and opera house.  We boast internationally famous sports stadia in football, rowing, ice sports, and cricket. South Nottingham is in the top 10 places to live in the country.

We are very excited at our forthcoming conference and look forward to welcoming you to Nottingham.

(And yes, we know there are 11 points above, but we really couldn’t fit it all in to only 10!)

Patrick Davies, Dusan Raffaj, and Carli Whittaker, on behalf of the Nottingham PICS 2017 organising committee.

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